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Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage?

MLD is painless and relaxing. The entire procedure physically stimulates the lymphatic system to move excessive fluids that are associated with the body's lymphatic system.

What conditions can benefit from MLD?

  • acute and chronic lymphedema
  • neuromuscular disorders
  • post-mastectomy pain
  • fibrosis 
  • sports injuries; sprains, strains
  • post plastic surgery
  • sinus and congestion problems
  • scar tissue

What functions does the body's lymphatic system perform?

The lymphatic system is composed of assorted size vessels and lymph nodes located throughout the body. There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the body whose function is to filter the lymph fluid. An important part of the body's immune system, lymph fluid contains cells that remove harmful bacteria, viruses and other undesirable substances. The lymphatic fluid system does not have a muscle similar to the heart, which would aid in "pumping" the lymphatic fluid consistently. Therefore, when the lymphatic nodes or vessels become damaged due to surgery, injury or for any other reason, gentle lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymphatic fluid flow. Lymph fluid is normally encouraged to flow by the body's natural motion of muscles, organs and other body parts.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 
Relaxing... Gentle... Immune System... Reduce Swelling