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Prenatal Massage 

Why Receive Prenatal Massage?

The prenatal period can be a very stressful physical and emotional time for a mother-to-be. Proper management of stress itself is of great consequence. Clearly documented evidence exists to suggest that very high levels of stress may increase the probability of pre-term labor and lower birth weight of the newborn.

Prenatal massage offers numerous benefits:

  • Creates a positive environment of wonderful relaxation and soothing stress relief
  • Promotes proper postural maintenance to ease physical stress
  • Provides relief from musculoskeletal strain, aches and pains, muscle spasms and cramps
  • Increases circulation of the blood & lymph
  • Reduces edema and blood pressure through promoting better blood circulation.
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation for increased toxins elimination and immune system functioning.
  • Affords welcome release from chronic tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, abdomen and thighs
  • Eases childbirth by preparing the muscles used in childbirth
  • Actively aids in reducing fluid retention, swelling in hands and feet, headaches and sinus problems as well as digestive irregularities.
  • Helps you to sleep better while reducing fatigue and discomfort caused by physical and emotional stresses. Energy levels and mental alertness increase.

The Prenatal Massage Process

As in most massage therapy, you will fill out a medical history form complete with disclosure of any conditions or complications, which have arisen in the past or as a result of the pregnancy. Together, you and the therapist will execute a treatment strategy that will effectively deal with the conditions you request relief from or help with. This could include exercises you can perform while at home. Your treatment plan will vary according to which trimester you are in.

Related Massage Therapy - Postpartum Massage

It is time for your body to heal itself, restore most organs and musculature to pre-pregnancy status and recover from the birth process in general. Many new moms use the practice of massage to aid in post pregnancy recovery and relaxation. Postpartum massage therapy benefits may include:

  • Wonderful relief from aches, pains and muscle soreness
  • Helps shrink the uterus and speed recovery through abdominal massage
  • Soothing comfort and clearing of unhealthy tensions, stress and symptoms of postpartum blues
  • Provides a 'quiet time' with healing hands specifically trained to relax and invigorate your recovery process
  • Instruction on appropriate exercises designed to return your body to pre-pregnancy condition.