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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is a general term covering a range of strategies that deal with assisted muscle release at a deeper level. Other systems that include deep tissue massage are Rolling, Soma bodywork and Sports Massage.

Neuromuscular massage techniques are employed to detect muscle tissues that have become distressed. Effective manipulation of stiff or painful musculature using specific hand positions, strokes and specifically developed techniques, bring about relief from muscle tensions and increase flexibility. Treatment for low back and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, headaches, knees and neck are amongst the common complaints that Deep Tissue Massage can treat.

Deep Tissue Massage usually involves warming the skin and superficial soft tissue of the body prior to the therapist using greater pressure to access the deeper connective tissue underneath. Often the treatment and pressure begin gently and can gradually escalate to points of temporary discomfort. Treatment ranges from generally therapeutic to corrective in nature. Deep tissue massage can cause an increase in muscle strength and length appreciably and rapidly. 


Deep Tissue Massage - Correct Posture... Release Chronic Muscle Tensions...